Pastor Desalegn Abebe

The President of MKC

Pastor Kelbesa Muleta

The Vice President of MKC

The Directors of MKC Core Ministries

Pastor Abayneh Anjelo

The Director of Evangelism and Church planting Ministries Division

Pastor Sebrela Kedir

The Director of Pastoral Ministry Division

Mekonnen Gemeda

The Director of Peace & Reconciliation Ministries

Solomon Gizachew

The Director of Christian Education & Training Ministries

Pastor Niguse Bekele

The Director of Prison Ministries

Tigist Habte

The Head of Finances

Adisu Legese

The Director of Wholistic Ministries (Evangelum) Ministries


The Head of Managment

Meet our Finances Team

Our comprehensive suite of professionals caters to a diverse team, ranging from seasoned architects to renowned engineers.








Finances Head

Newsletter Archive

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  • Bylaws – Meserete Kristos Church bylaws.
  • One Year for Christ – If you’re interested in participating in this program.
  • 52 MK-Church Regional Offices – Their names and the year they were established.
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